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Nedy's bicycle - the easiest and fastest way to get around when you are on La Digue.

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Nedys bicycle La Digue Seychelles
Delivered to your guest house

Tell us where you stay and your bicycle will be waiting for you until you arrive. After your stay we pick up the bikes again.

Nedys bicycle La Digue Seychelles
Excellent condition
We replaced our total fleet with brand new bicycles not even a year ago. Further we maintain the bikes on a regular basis.
Nedys bicycle La Digue Seychelles
Reasonable price

For us an excellent service is the base for satisfied customers. We don't charge extra for the delivery and pick up service and we are even below the average rent price.

We give you the freedom to explore
La Digue in comfort.

Three simple steps describe our service.


Free delivery

It does not matter where on La Digue you stay we will deliver your bicycle at your home.


Explore the island

Due to our high quality standards you can fully enjoy the island by bike.


Free pick up

The departure day is always stressful itself. You don't need to care about returning your bike. We will pick it up at your place. Please let us know some days in advance at which guest house you will leave the bicycles.

Nedys bicycle La Digue Seychelles

We charge

100 SCR

per day - per bicycle

if booked more than one day. for daily rentals we charge 150 SCR per bike.

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Our customers say the nicest things about our service.

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When we had arrived the reserved bicycles were standing in front of our guest house already. We enjoyed our stay on La Digue very much and never faced any issues with the bicycles.

Nedys bicycle La Digue Seychelles

Unfortunately something sharp was on the road and I got a flat tyre. Nedy was friendly and gave me another bicycle immediately. This was really an outstanding service. Highly recommended.

Nedys bicycle La Digue Seychelles

Perfect service! We booked our bikes in advance and everything went very smoothly from the beginning of our vacation until we left.

Nedys bicycle La Digue Seychelles

Higly recommendable! We got our bikes as promised and when we compared the prices on the island we realised we definitely got the best price.

1 y/o
brand new bicycles
years experience
bicycles available
customer satisfaction

7 + 1

Rent bicycles for 7 days and get one day extra for free.

Our philosophy.

Our bicycles originate from Germany and Thailand and we have different variants for men, women and children. The conditions here on the island are not the most pleasing ones for bicycles if you think of all the salt water in the air and sand on the roads. We take special care of our bikes and we maintain them on a regular basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my bicycle?

When you book the bicycle please enter your guesthouse name and your approximate arrival time. We will deliver the bikes to your room so you are good to go the minute you arrive.

Do I need to return the bicycle after my stay?

We will pick them up at your guest house after your holiday is over.

What happens if the bicycle has a problem?

In case you have a problem with a bicycle please just contact us via WhatsApp and we will repair or replace the bicycle. We have lots of spare parts and spare bicycles. So don't worry you will be back on the road quickly.

Is there a discount for long term rentals?

Yes please contact us via WhatsApp or e-mail directly to check the discount options.

Do you offer bicycles for children?

We also have bikes for children. We recommend you to write the age in the comment section of the booking form so we can prepare the right size.

Do the bicycles have a basket?

Yes, each of our bikes is equipped with the typical island style basket. However there are also bikes available without basket.

Do you change the bicycle if the size does not fit?

Yes of course, you should ride with comfort. Just let us know if you want to change the bike to a size that fits you more.

Is there a discount for big groups?

Yes there is. Please get in contact with us via WhatsApp or E-Mail to check the options.

Just go with the flow.
The moment you come to La Digue.
Nedys bicycle La Digue Seychelles